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We can help you achieve your weight loss goals and lessen your risk of medical problems associated with excess weight.

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Premier Weight Loss Clinic in Raleigh

Are you looking for a safe, effective weight loss clinic in Raleigh, NC? NC Weight Loss Clinic offers medically based weight loss solutions for patients in the central and eastern areas of North Carolina.

Experienced Weight Loss Doctor in Raleigh

At NC Weight Loss Clinic, you will receive expert care and treatments from our weight loss doctor in Raleigh. As one of a very few board certified bariatric (obesity) medical specialist in North Carolina, our doctor delivers the highest medical care to patients who currently are or have been overweight. We helppatients lose weight and maintain their weight loss through diet, exercise, lifestyle, and (when appropriate) medications. Visit our Raleigh weight loss center to start meeting your goals!

Weight Loss Services

  • Various medically safe and sound weight loss programs
  • Customized and complete weight loss (diet, exercise, medication, etc.)
  • Board-certified obesity specialist (bariatrician)
  • Weight management programs
  • Treatment for eating disorders (including hyperphagia/polyphagia)

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